Things Are Getting Worse Out There

It’s clear even from your place of rustic isolation. Hideous beasts run roughshod through the countryside, roving bands of marauders reduce settlements to smoking rubble, wide-eyed prophets babble madly at the sky, and common folk like yourself live in a constant state of terror.

Well, you’ve had just about enough of it. No more indignities, no more looking away, and no more tilling the fields in obscurity! It won’t be easy, but the cracks are forming- it’s time to live life on your own terms.

Your ambitions are great, but the breastplate must be donned before the crown. To bring this land to heel, you’re going to need a few things: food, water, and shelter, to start. Then you’ll need an iron fist, a silver tongue, a wagonload of copper pieces, and all the magic items you can pry out of skeletal hands. After that comes a defensible stronghold, an inner circle you can trust, and a stable of devoted underlings inspired or terrified into subservience. Only then, at long last, can you return some semblance of order to this benighted land and exact vengeance on the depraved and apathetic Overlords that preside over its final hours!

Of course, that’s all assuming you survive your first day.

Trespasser is a tabletop roleplaying game about peasants-turned-adventurers carving out safe refuge amid the long collapse of their dying world. Designed for player-driven, sandbox-style campaigns of survival and dungeon crawling, Trespasser borrows themes and styles of early tabletop – power is low, battles are deadly, and adventurers are self-interested – and pairs them with a robust tactical combat system inspired by 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. If you admire the principles of old school gaming but also enjoy picking character options and pushing miniatures around a grid, Trespasser might be for you.